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If you have any questions or want to find out more about Intertours, our products and services, you can use the following sections to get your answers quickly and conveniently.

Perguntas Frequentes Frequent Questions (FAQ)

Payments by Credit Card, ATM and Bank Wire Transfer are all accepted and made with maximum security. For a faster transaction you should choose the credit card. When using ATM or bank wire transfer payments we require a copy of the transaction to be sent to us by fax (+351291225020) or email (

Follow the next steps:
1. Inform our assistant of your intention to pay through bank wire transfer.
2. Go to your bank , ATM or online banking and make a bank wire transfer to the bank account number provided.
3. Send us proof of transfer to or to fax +00351291225020. *( ie: receipt of cash, bank deposit coupon or an image of the internet page with the bank wire transfer)

In order to guarantee your reservation we advise imediate payment and sending us the respective proof of payment as soon as possible.

Once the payment proceeding has been concluded, your reservation will be automatically confirmed and you'll receive an e-mail with the reservation number.

In case you need to clarify any details about our products or services please do contact us through Contact Center.

On request, Intertours will send you the invoice/receipt of your purchase, by fax or e-mail.

Our clients are informed of all cancelation policies upon reservation but reservations can be changed or even canceled although there may be fees charged additionally. These fees may vary according to destination, tour operator, airfare and days of notice.

Telefone Intertours Contact Center

Client Support Center: +351 291 208 900

Working Hours:
Monday to Friday - 09h00/13h00 - 14h00/18h00

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Send us your questions to our assistents. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


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